News 2011

Jan 2011 Battle Fog- released Jan 2011 - release Battle Fog - mad!

News 2010

Dec 2010 Slow Flakes- released Dec 2010 - release Slow Flakes - mad!

Nov 2010 Deep Novemba- released Nov 2010 - release Deep Novemba - mad!

News 2008

09.Nov - release of a new track called Morning Fog - mad!

25.Apr - release of a dub house track called SlowTouch - mad!

News 2007

12.Aug - And there it is! I have proudly uploaded my 8th album which is called wellenreiter. 10 Tracks, about 30 intense minutes =) Leech & enjoy! - xxs!

5.Aug - release of a dub house track called The Plan - mad!

4.Aug - new release of a track from aL and lopaz a nice samba influenced guitar work called Samba Sunday Download here - aL! / lp!

9.Apr - a new track by aL called down under which can be found here here - aL!

News 2006

25.Aug - release of a new Album called Contact . drift away with sum chilling lowbeats and ambient works - mad!

20.Aug - ...last night, one strange feeling, one impulse, one phreaky track,
enjoy "all I left behind"! - xxs!

20.Aug - introducing the Still Section which offers you various artworks, covers and photos - mad!

18.Aug - lopaz added the second part of his selected works cycle called tiefflug. this time you can download 17 new tracks. enjoy! - lp!

18.Aug - the new contact site is online - xxs!

18.Aug - added the "projects section" @ coworks and added some hot tracks
of Supa Sinnthese and xerxolus & lopazovic ;) - xxs!

18.Aug - uploaded our old compilation "farbverlauf" @ compilation. enjoy 21 tracks we produced and put together (2000-2003). Our guestbook's look got better, btw.. ^^ - xxs!

17.Aug - some smaller updates are waiting to be discovered ;) and I proudly present jorizz' and my first track "dub dreams @ 2am" (I think the title is self-explaining ^^) have fun - xxs!

16.Aug - finally "our first movie" (small but good sound ^^) can be seen here and there is a new track from aL and niti available @ coworks. - xxs!

15.Aug - design-reprocessing - xxs!

12.Jul - audiostream enabled ( thanks goes out to mr. cLu ! =] ) - mad!

01.Jul - online - mad!